poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2020

GSoD 2020 kick-off

Hi ScummVM community! 

I'm more than happy to announce that I've been chosen to participate in Google Season of Docs 2020 to work on ScummVM documentation. From now on, you will see me hanging around Github opening PRs as b-gent.

The aim of my project is to improve doxygen-based ScummVM API documentation that can be currently found here. I will be covering the details of my work in the upcoming posts in this blog. The plan still needs to be refined during the community bonding stage. For now, I can refer you to my project description which is now publicly available on the GSoD website.

I've done quite a bit of tech writing in my life so far, with 11 years of experience in various companies, big and small. I've created documentation for cloud applications, data warehouses, fintech solutions, various SDKs, and embedded devices. I've been good friends with markdown, DITA, RST, and (not surprisingly) doxygen. I've also been a teacher of technical documentation courses at some point, aimed at popularizing the profession of a tech writer in my country.

I am truly hoping to put all this experience to good use when working on this project.

On a more personal note, I live in Kraków, Poland. I've got two small kids who are pretty amazing, especially at driving me crazy every day. I like boxing and jumping rope. It really helps to vent all the stress related to work and parenting.

Looking forward to working with you!

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