piątek, 6 listopada 2020

GSoD week 7


I just realized that I completely forgot to write a blog post for last week so this one will be short and another one is coming in a few days.

I'm struggling quite hard right now to find time for the project and constantly feel that I am behind on the timelime. Unfortunately, my availability is hugely affected by the epidemic (the situation in Poland is really bad right now). Being locked up at home with two bored, attention-craving kids doesn't leave me much time for my regular job, let alone for GSoD.

The good news is that I got some great reviews on PRs #2535 and #2499. I have addressed all comments on the first one and it is now pending approval, while the second one is already merged.

One of these PRs contained tons of changes in the str.h file but in the end I had to revert all of them. This was due to the fact that in the meantime this file was changed extensively on master and resolving the resulting merge conflict would be too time consuming and too error prone for it to make sense. It is unfortunate to see a couple hours of work go to waste like that but I got used to the thought that it might and will happen.

I am finalizing a lot of changes locally and will be opening PRs during the weekend. I already made arrangements to ensure that I have sufficient time for GSoD in the next few days so hopefully you will see some more activity from me on Github and Discord.

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