wtorek, 13 października 2020

GSoD week 4


I'm doing this blog post a bit late when week 5 has already started. I've had some busy, tough days recently due to sick family (autumn and kids generally don't go well together) and couldn't devote as much time as I would like for my GSoD project. I'm a bit behind on the timeline right now but not really worried as I'm sure I can catch up with everything.

Right now PR#2499 is open with some more reviewed header files from the common folder. This is something I would probably like to get merged as soon as possible.

I've recently had some very good discussions with Eugene about the scope and priority of my work. You can check out this spreadsheet that contains a list of most headers from which we build doxygen documentation. The scope has been set for 114 files, most of which (75) reside in the common folder. Three levels of priority have also been assigned to the files.

Due to all this, I will be changing my approach to how I am working with the files. My assumption so far was that I would be going folder-by-folder, reviewing files alphabetically. My project timeline was also built around this idea, assigning particular weeks to work in particular folders. However, as there is clear priority now set on each header file, I am going to thouroughly review high-priority files first (there are 33 of those), then move to medium priority, then to low. This approach will assure that my GSoD project brings as much value as possible to ScummVM.

Stay tuned for PRs with some high-priority files in them!

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