czwartek, 26 listopada 2020

GSoD week 10


GSoD timeline is slowly coming to an end and I am slowly approaching the end of the list of high priority files defined for this project. As always, you can track my progress here:

As for the status of the PRs, we got #2627 merged, which is great because it was massive amount of content. We even managed to avoid conflicts. Another big one still open and awaiting review is #2633.

As you can see in the spreadsheet, there a couple files left for me to review. Most of the stuff from the 'graphics' folder is done locally but I am still running some last checks on it. The PR (#2645) is already open with the first two files.I got some comments there from @criezy and addressed them. The rest of the graphics files will be added tomorrow.

Then, the only remaining task will be the four last headers - one from 'image' and three from 'audio'. Busy weekend ahead of me :)

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